Friday, 2 December 2016

Uterine Prolapse St Albans

Help is at hand if you suspect you have experienced a uterine prolapse in St Albans. Mr Abdalla Fayyad is a leading gynaecologist with decades of experience behind him and is a veteran when it comes to treating these conditions. A uterine prolapse can be the result of inadequate support for the uterus, with pelvis muscles and ligaments weakening and the uterus slipping down into the vagina. A uterine prolapse can happen at any age but is most commonly experienced by post-menopausal women who have given birth vaginally in the past. If you only have a mild case, you may not need treatment, but if you are starting to experience significant discomfort you may wish to take action and call Mr Abdalla Fayyad.
Two Main Treatments
Mr Abdalla Fayyad has an excellent reputation in the industry and amongst his fellow medical professionals. The condition can be treated with a vaginal pessary to hold the uterus in place, though surgical treatment is also available which repairs the damaged or weakened pelvic floor tissues.  Mr Fayyad always identifies the most appropriate treatments for your needs and can also help if you have been experiencing problems with urinary incontinence, faecel problems and other medical issues. Why not find out more today?

Vaginal Prolapse Hertfordshire

Help is at hand if you need medical care following a vaginal prolapse in Hertfordshire. Mr Abdalla Fayyad has years of experience to draw upon when it comes to delivering these kind of treatments, and he can perform surgery vaginally, laparoscopically (mini-incisions) and avoiding laparotomy which is through large abdominal incision. Procedures are performed in the least invasive ways possible. He can help you maintain sexual function, address urinary leakage and restore vaginal anatomy. Are you having difficulty emptying your bladder or defecating? These are also problems Mr Fayyad can assist you with.
Overcome the Issue
Mr Fayyad’s service is a highly-efficient, friendly and professional one. He also has vast experience when it comes to helping patients overcome urinary incontinence. Are you heading to the bathroom too frequently? Perhaps you’ve been experiencing leakages? Whatever the case, you can count on Mr Fayyad to provide the outstanding medical care that you require, every time. Mr Fayyad also aims to get right to the root of your issue to prevent it from troubling you again. He always opts for the most appropriate treatment for your situation and can assist you with an array or faecel and urinary incontinence problems. Why not take a closer look at what he has to offer today?